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Project policy

HONMA PET CLINIC is the Japanese Leading Authority on a animal medical and
Pet Care for the owners. And...has been a major influence in the fields of pet behavior, the relationship between pets and people, and the nutrition of dogs, cats, exotic animals, birds ... all aimed at improving the health, longevity and happiness of pets. We have about 43 bases animal hospital at present, the biggest of Japan. We have three buisiness sense, "Medical Technology", "Animal Welfare" and "Custmer Service".

We always inspire to ensure health and contentment for each animal.

Wishing for animals to live even for a day longer

PresidentD.V.M. of Honma Pet Clinic Katsumi HonmaSince 11 June 1984, we, Honma Animal Clinic, have been running our Clinic without putting a stop even for a second and as veterinarians to make contribution to the community through the pets widely. Our daily faithful efforts may enlighten the importance of the improvement of the earth circumstance and how precious our life is.

We are running Iwata head clinic and 34 other clinics directly.. We also have a dog park (Dog-Run) and animal shelters, related to the pets welfare, wishing for our future human being to live happily together with all the other living things.

Also we have some beding facilities for pet owners to spend with the them in the same room
so that they may understand the pets life-end medical cares.

We are trying to open more clinics in the depopulated areas together with highly motivative veterinarians and with the latest medical equipment introduced.

Our veterinarians attend seminars to learn the latest knowledge and technique in or outside the country so that we maybe able to respond to various requests or problems from pet owners and that we may make our activities more valuable and meaningful.





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