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International cooperation activities
Non Profitable Organization World Zoonoses Prevention & Control Association

Governor Katsumi Honma D.V.M
Vice Governor Kunio Komori D.V.M


International cooperation activities

Zoonoses such as Rabies, New Influenza Pandemic etc are serious diseases in the world.
Rabies is a serious disease that is caused by a virus. Each year, it kills more than 55,000 people and millions of animals around the world.Rabies is a big problem in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. In the United States, rabies has been reported in every state except Hawaii. Any mammal can get rabies. Raccoons, skunks, foxes, bats, dogs, and cats can get rabies. Cattle and humans can also get rabies. Only mammals can get rabies. Animals that are not mammals c such as birds, snakes, and fish c do not get rabies. Rabies is caused by a virus. An animal gets rabies from saliva, usually from a bite of an animal that has the disease. You cannot get rabies from blood.
Millions of people were dead in pandemic years and hundreds of thousands in non-pandemic years in case of New Influenza Pandemic. Three influenza pandemics occurred in the 20th century and killed tens of millions of people, with each of these pandemics being caused by the appearance of a new strain of the virus in humans.
However, there is lack of funds to prevent and control Zoonoses in Asian countries; there are only less than 1 of neccessary funds. Therefore, Honma Pet Clinic estabished Non Profitable Organization (NPO) called
gZoonoses Prevention & Control Associationh, and started voluntary rabies vaccination campaigns in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam & China for Zoonoses prevention & control to provide necessary support.

International cooperation activities

In February 2006
Dr. Honma started his voluntary rabies vaccination campaigns in the Philippines by donating 20,000 doses of vaccine, then expanded his activities to Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam & China.
Total number of vaccine donated was

Philippines over 80,000 doses
Indonesia over 40,000 doses
Thailand over 40,000 doses
Viet Nam over 40,000 doses
China over over doses
Dr. Honma is also encouraging each government by inviting government officials to Japan. They met with japanese zoonoses experts and discussed how to eradicate zoonoses in their countries.



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