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Pet Training And Obedience Seminars
dog run dog run

The Honma Pet Clinic's provides seminars where all Pet Owners can learn comprehensive and positive reinforcement techniques in pet obedience. Our Staff is highly trained and can provide you with Basic Training Programs to the Adult Pet Advanced TrainingPrograms. Please come and discover the joy of learning which will build a stronger relationship with your pet. The Honma Pet Clinic Company has opened three dog parks. All dogs need exercise and time off the leash. Dog owners now have a safe environment which allows freedom to run, to play, to train, to socialize and to bond with their pets. Address and Location for the Dog Parks

Dog run
(Fukuroi city in Shizuoka-prefecture)
A dog-run is open, hoping that dog owners may let their dogs run freely, they may train theirs voluntarily, and may feel them more.
"The owners hope that they may let theirs play with no instruction."
From big size to small ones, regardless of their kinds, they may play freely under the blue sky.
They hardly can go out for a walk daily. They may exercise freely for their health.They hope that they may give them voluntary training. This is the best place for the pets' owners

dog run dog run



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