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Company Profile
Name : G & H Pty.Ltd.
Common Name : Honma Pet clinic
Foundation : June 1984
Setting-up : April 1988
Representative : Katsumi Honma
Total Sale : 2,700,000,000 yen (JP) m2008n
Head Office : 321-2 Samejima Iwata Shizuoka JAPAN 438-0055
Scale : Head office and 41 branch clinics
Business : Animal medical examination and
treatment, M.R.I.,
Kennel, Grooming,
Animal supplies and food sales,
Animal breading and crementation,
Animal medical supplies
Main Banks : Iwata branch Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ
Bank, Iwata branch Shizuoka Bank
Head Office, Iwata Credit Union
Central Pacific Bank
Main Business
Customers :
Tiphas (UFJ group),
Eiden Group Co. Ltd, Airis Ohyama ,
Cainz Home Center,
Sharp Co. Ltd

The first Honma Pet Clinic was opened in 1984 in the city of Iwata, Japan.
We have grown to 47 veterinary surgeries, 2 Pet shops and 3 Dog runs. We are also providing large number of House Calls.
The Honma Pet Clinic Company Policy is our pledge to provide all Clients a service of Professionalism which we ensure 100 Satisfaction.
Thanks for many dedicated Membership Pet Owners we are continuing to expand which allows The Honma Pet Clinic the privilege to offer the Best Medical Health Care,The Healthiest Nutritional Programs and the Best Comprehensive Pet Training Seminars.
My Staff and i will continue to serve, to educate and to provide solutions for the welfare of all.
Your Client participation is greatly appreciated in making our Planet Earth a safer environment for both Human and Animal.

Head Officepetclinic What we are aiming at is to give total pet medical treatment, their health and welfare.



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